"During the 2020-21 financial year the ACSC observed losses from cybercrime totalling more than 33 billion Dollars."  

ACSC Cybersecurity Threat Report 2020-2021

Managed CyberSecurity for your business

We offer a complete suite of services to keep your business safe and secure from Cyberthreats. Each layer of our service compliments the other to form an intertwined barrier that’s focuses on eliminating threats before they reach your network, and also keeping your employees trained in best practices. 

Cloud domain level email Protection

Emails are the number one source where almost all cybercrime originates from. We deploy a cloud based email solution that sits on the domain level, essentially filtering out all known and new cyber threats before they reach your network and inbox. Meaning you are protected even if you are out of the office and sending emails on the go from your phone! 

Security awareness training

Nearly 100% of cyber threats are people activated. People click on links and open attachments, all of which could be potential threats! That’s why we conduct regular Threat Simulation tests on your employees, to identify at risk personnel and then provide short 10-15 minute training sessions to keep them ready, as an additional line of defence.

Autofill Password Manager Vault

Keep your passwords safe and secure in our encrypted password vault and access them through the app if you are on the go! Never forget your passwords or use the same one across different accounts ever again! Passwords are auto generated to keep them as secure as possible and Dark Web Monitoring ensures if your credentials are breached, we’ll alert you and advise a change of password immediately to stay safe! 

Snapshot of some of our features

Daily Real Time Monitoring

We monitor the your cyber threat landscape and ensure time critical threats are taken out and alleviated before becoming an issue.

Dark Web Monitoring

We scan the web to ensure your passwords are safe, secure and not compromised. If a data breach is found, we notify you right away and advise the necessary action to stop the threat at ground zero!

No plugins needed

Gone are the days of manually running a cyber security check. All our services are running, scanning and filtering out threats autonomously 24/7.

Protection on Mobile Devices

We understand not all business communications are done on your desktop computer. You may be on the go and need to send or receive mail securely from your phone, thats why we make sure its included!

Email Protection & Backup

We provide and monitor enterprise grade email security software that filters threats out at the domain level, before even reaching your network. Plus if your mail server goes down, we have a 24/7 emergency inbox for you to resume business as normal!

Easy to use interface

Whether you are an organisational Admin, End user or Silent user, we provide an easy to use and navigate interface that can be operated and interacted with by anyone!

Secure your Business CyberSecurity Today

The Cybersecurity threat landscape is ever-growing, so now more than ever is the perfect time to get your business protected right!
Contact our team today to book in an obligation free consultation where we can help Identify key areas of your current set up that need protection and create an actionable plan to get you secure!
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