Why Install a Security System from us?

Here at Kingpin Security Services we offer a wide range of security options to keep your Home or Business safe and secure 24/7. We put the needs of our customers first, tailoring plans to perfectly suit your needs and maximise the efficiency of your security system. Providing you with the High level Security you deserve!

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Free Installation with No Upfront Deposit Required!

All of our CCTV Plans require no upfront deposit or Installation fee. You simply pay the package off over a 4-year term, over which all repairs and maintenance is covered by the monthly fee! Saving you in costly repairs over time and ensuring your system continues to perform optimally!

Business Security

Focus on your business success, We’ve got your security needs covered.
Focus on your business Profits, we have your security needs covered. 24/7 monitoring, rapid response teams, remote and access control are just a few of the many benefits. The benefits of having a Monitored Alarm system for your business are just about endless. Protecting your commercial property from crime is an unfortunate but necessary part of doing business in Australia.

Residential Alarms

Why A Monitored Home Security System?

Arm / Disarm Remotely
Check in on your home from anywhere, did you arm your system when you left? check the app, it’s that easy! 
Rapid Response
In the event that your alarm has been triggered, we will contact you or send a patrol to secure your property.

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