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No security system can provide more peace of mind than what a Back to base monitored alarm delivers. With trained professional protection 24/7 and rapid response teams ready at all times, you can rest assured that your premises is under safe guard whether you are there or not. 

If you have or have even once had; 

-Neighbours or Family look after your home while away

-Been Burgled or the victim of a Home invasion

-Own a Business Premises

You need a Monitored Alarm! 

Alarms from $299!
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Capture Vital footage and deter thieves! 

CCTV cameras are ideal for capturing specific events during general surveillance, but not only that, they also act as a visual deterrent to would be thieves looking for an easy target. 

Business Security

Focus on your business success, We’ve got your security needs covered.

The benefits of having a Monitored Alarm system for your business are just about endless, with 24/7 protection and rapid response teams ready to attend at anytime, you can focus on your business and know your premises security is taken care of.  

Protecting your commercial property from crime is an unfortunate but necessary part of doing business in Australia.

Residential Alarms

24/7 Peace of Mind and real time protection

Arm / Disarm Remotely
Check in on your home from anywhere, did you arm your system when you left? check the app, it’s that easy! 

Rapid Response

In the event that your alarm has been triggered, we will contact you or send a patrol to secure your property.

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